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Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing

2 | By   Public Sector Network | April 8, 2021

All organisations, particularly large public sector organisations, produce vast amounts of information and data. Storing this data securely, reliably and accessibly is critical, but legacy storage systems are not as reliable or as robust as they need to be. Thus cloud storage on the internets is a solution that may be viable for some.

This paper follows the data and cloud computing journeys of three organisations from three jurisdictions. Cloud computing is still in its infancy so hybrid forms of storage are preferred solutions in most instances, but these examples show what is possible and how quickly organisations can embrace technology and adapt, including during the pandemic.

Key takeouts :

  • Large organisations, particularly public sector organisations, generate a lot of data
  • Many of these large public sector data sets are stored in legacy systems that are inefficient, unstable and difficult to access by authorised users for analytics
  • To overcome this, organisations are looking to on-premises, off-premises or hybrid data storage solutions
  • The cloud is becoming a much more reliable and secure location to store data
  • But the cloud may not be a solution for all data and for all organisations
  • Technologies associated with the cloud helped some organisations to pivot quickly when COVID-19 struck
  • The cloud can save money and can change the way organisations operate, but each organisation needs to decide if it is right for them

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