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  • How can I find a complimentary event to hear from and benchmark with my peers across the country?
  • How can I make connections globally in my community of practice that are tackling the same issues as me?
  • How can I explore short courses that will help me bridge skills gaps for my development in the public sector?
  • How can I find a complimentary event to hear from and benchmark with my peers across the country?

Our latest insights

Whitepaper: Achieving better public services through digital government

This paper brings together experts in digitisation from the private and public sectors who have had to navigate their way through the pandemic and transformation initiative acceleration.

Article: Leveraging data science to lead transformation in the public sector

We speak to Aimee Whitcroft, the Open Data Lead at the Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency on how open data is the key to unlocking some of society’s biggest problems.

Whitepaper: The future of learning and development in the “new normal”

We speak to five government leaders, from across Australia, on how they inspire, motivate, recruit and reskill their staff to meet the growing demands of the 21st century workforce.

Article: Navigating cyber security and network risks with a newly remote workforce

In our connected world, where our staff are using the internet for work, communication and entertainment, it is important to ensure that the networks are safe and secure. So where do you start?

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“If you can find other folks that are willing to talk to you through opportunities – and help see yourself in these opportunities – it can make the world of difference.”

“Public Sector Network provides a unique opportunity for those of us who work in the Public Sector to share ideas, share challenges, and hopefully make the world a better place.”

“The world is trying to solve some pretty significant problems at the moment. We’ve got the opportunity here to have a public service that can be part of trying to solve these problems.”

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