Spotlight Interview – Data Management & Analytics Roadshow 2022

By Public Sector Network | March 16, 2022

Ataccama and the Public Sector Network recently collaborated to deliver the Data Management and Analytics Roadshow in February 2022, Online.

After the event, we were grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Ataccama in an intimate conversation on their perspectives with technology trends and barriers faced in their community.

What overall trends are you seeing in terms of technology in your industry?

The general trend we are seeing in the industry is toward the integration of multiple different concepts and technologies to create an accurate picture of the entirety of an organisation’s data landscape.

Two prominent examples are the data fabric and data mesh architectures. In both cases, there is an emphasis on automation around metadata management, where metadata is viewed as “fuel” for AI-driven decision-making around automated data ops. 

What is the next big thing in terms of technology and where do you see it in the next 2 to 5 years?

As Data Fabric matures, we see that metadata management will require big updates on the conceptual level. To properly employ AI to drive data management tasks, metadata management solutions will have to converge to create a nexus of information that automated processes can use for decision making. 

On the data processing side, as data ops become increasingly automated and working in the background, processing technologies will need to evolve to seamlessly combine edge processing with on-demand or serverless technologies.

Aside from the pandemic, what have been some of the technology challenges or barriers experienced in the last 12 months?

During the pandemic, many organisations scrambled to speed up their digital transformation initiatives, discovering that the foundations of their data practice were unprepared for such a shift. 

The technical challenges range from non-integrated, siloed data and metadata to the inability to reach and process heterogeneous data sources. 
On the business side, data leaders faced challenges in change management, demonstrating technology values to internal stakeholders, and educating the organisation on long-standing data management plans.

What has been your best-performing technology in the last 12 months and why?

At Ataccama, we have seen a surge of interest in data governance, cataloging, and data quality management. Some reasons for this include:

  • The pandemic has forced organisations to be more data-driven and to rely on digital channels to acquire and service their customers.
  • Tightening of industry and privacy regulations and cybersecurity threats have required better management of data. 
  • Organisations are becoming more educated on using quality data for revenue-generating activities and in supporting various teams and departments.

These drivers have pushed companies to accelerate their data governance and data quality practices, with the aim of gaining a complete picture of their data landscape and improving it. This means ensuring they have quality, reliable, compliant data available to make informed business decisions.