Global Report – Open Contracting

Open Government Partnership Procurement is an essential component of government spending. Worldwide, governments spend about US$9.5 trillion–or 15{802238075386540f56ff51177b29e561e146d6ad749d3ad56f8d94eb00021cb8} of global GDP–on contracts with companies to procure goods and services. Procurement constitutes about 30{802238075386540f56ff51177b29e561e146d6ad749d3ad56f8d94eb00021cb8} of government expenditure in high-income countries. In low- and middle-income countries, it makes up an average of 50{802238075386540f56ff51177b29e561e146d6ad749d3ad56f8d94eb00021cb8}. Corruption is a major problem during the contracting process. The importance of open contracting goes well beyond anti-corruption. A clear case can be made that it has a significant impact on government efficiency, value for money, and fair competition.