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The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Natural Resources


Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)is a science-based organization that works to advance the prosperity of Canada’s natural resource sectors. The Department supports the sustainable development of Canada’s natural resources through evidence-informed policy, programs and world-class innovative research, including through domestic and international engagement and in collaboration with Indigenous peoples.

Canada’s natural resource industries are at the forefront of the global shift to a clean-growth
economy. The 2019-20 Departmental Plan outlines how it is supporting that transition by
creating a sustainable resource advantage.

Canada’s wealth of natural resources, which include renewable and non-renewable energy, forests, minerals and metals, are an important source of jobs and prosperity. At the same time, Canada has a growing clean technology sector, which is finding innovative ways to ensure the sustainable use of Canada’s natural resource sectors and exporting these technologies and expertise to expanding global markets.

In 2019-20, NRCan will focus on five priorities: Improving market access and
competitiveness in the natural resource sectors; Accelerating the development of clean
technology and supporting the transition to a low-carbon future; Protecting Canadians
from the impacts of natural and human-induced hazards; Strengthening relationships and
advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples; and, Ensuring our decisions and
actions are grounded in transparent and robust science