Canada’s Women in Leadership Roadshow 2022

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Women in Leadership Roadshow 2022

November 2nd-10th, 2022
Halifax | Toronto | Ottawa | Victoria | Edmonton

Event Overview

Elevating the Role of Women in the Public Sector

Women have made a tremendous impact in the government; advocating for change, influencing policy and law and paving the way for future generations. Despite the continuous efforts made, women remain underrepresented within the public sector landscape. Women are still faced with challenges and barriers that only increase if they are a woman of colour, are part of the LGBTQ2+ community or have disabilities. There is a significant disparity of women in leadership roles within both public and private sectors. This is due to longstanding stereotypes and biases, which impact women from the time they are young girls. Systemic change is required to overcome and shift the perception surrounding women’s leadership.

Statistics show that having women in positions of leadership directly influences and improves the socio-economic landscape for all. It is reported that there is a direct correlation between women leaders in government and the creation and implementation of more inclusive and equitable policies both internally and within our communities.

In this fifth segment of Public Sector Network’s Women in Leadership series 2022, we will explore key factors that continue to hinder or discourage women leaders, and how we can address and overcome them. We will discuss the importance of mentorship programs, allyship and leadership development. We will examine what it takes to make a great leader and how to challenge common barriers. Most importantly, we will highlight the strategies needed to quash what is problematic within our system and what we can all do to pave the road for the next generation of women wanting to pursue a leadership role.

Benefits of Attending

Examine key strategies today’s women leaders are implementing to close gaps within their workspaces

Discuss the importance of creating mentorship programs and what you can do to help lead the next generation of women leaders

Learn how to become a better ally to all unrepresented groups and champion change both at work and in your community

Your Inspiring Speakers

Halifax – November 2Toronto – November 3Ottawa – November 8Edmonton – November 9Victoria – November 10

Speakers coming soon

Key Sessions

KeynoteKeynotePanel Discussion Concurrent Roundtables

Challenging Bias and Barriers: Envisioning the Future of Women in Leadership

  • What factors are currently impacting representation of women leaders in the government?
  • What are some key strategies driving change in your organization? What still needs work?
  • How can women better identify and address bias and barriers at work?
  • What can we do to ameliorate diversity within women leadership?

How to Champion for Change and Become a Better Ally in the Workplace

  • As women, how can we help other marginalized groups within our organizations?
  • What are some key tips to building a more compassionate, inclusive and understanding culture?
  • How can women become mentors, or seek mentorship in the office?
  • As a leader, how can we help influence and encourage other leaders to drive change?

Navigating the Complexities of Being a Leader Today and Where Do We Go from Here

  • How has the landscape for women in leadership changed over the past decade and how is this influencing leadership practices today?
  • How can we calculate the positive impacts of having women in the organization?
  • How can we push for systemic change when faced with adversity?
  • How can women leaders advocate for change when they are the minority?
  • What are some of the strategies governments can implement to encourage women and gender-diverse leadership?
  • How can men play a bigger role in advocating for more inclusivity within the workplace?

Roundtable 1: How to Encourage Talent Development, Training and Upskilling for Women in your Organization

Roundtable 2: Examining Technology that Can Help Identify and Eliminate Systemic Barriers and Provide more Valuable Data

Roundtable 3: What Can Be Done to Create More Gender-Diverse Opportunities in Government

Roundtable 4: Establishing a Performance Metrics System to Create an Inclusive and Unbiased Promotion Process

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What Your Peers Had to Say

A wonderful collection of speakers and panelists. I appreciated the diversity of views and was fully engaged (a rare thing in this digital world!)
Government of Alberta

I enjoy these events. I learn something new every time.
Communication Security Establishment

The presentations were great and provided a number of questions and ideas we are grappling within my work environment.
 BC Public Service Agency

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