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The stakes are high, and the world is more connected than we could have ever imagined.

Our Cyber Security & Risk Management Community equips it’s members with how to stay ahead of defending against cyber attacks and protecting critical infrastructure.

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Cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent and the attackers are becoming more brazen and creative. Combating these… Read more

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Gracie Fea

Skilled professional in government affairs and Cyber Security & Risk Management community engagement.
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NSW Government Cyber Showcase 2021 – AU

Date: 29 June 2021

With the ongoing digital transformation of the NSW Government, cyber threats are not only changing but are becoming increasingly complex. Maintaining and enhancing cybersecurity capabilities is paramount, to safeguard information, assets, services, and citizens. The key focus…

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Virtual Event: Advanced Threat Protection 2021 – AU

Date: 29 June 2021

With cyber threats continuously on the rise, robust protection is needed if government is to retain public confidence and trust. Halting or mitigating threats before they breach systems, disrupting activity in progress or countering actions, and interrupting the lifecycle of the attack to stop the threat from progressing are critical factors if Government is to achieve robust ATP. Join the…

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Cyber Security Executive Meeting Series 2021

Date: 10-26 August 2021

Public Sector Network’s Cyber Security Executive Meeting Series, in partnership with PwC, is all about working toward progressing the Australian Government’s cyber agenda, in an effort to create more robust, resilient networks to maintain public trust. The Series will bring together an exclusive group of key senior public sector leaders to network and connect in-person, in an…

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"Learned a lot of useful things and best part was that I could do it whilst in the office. I hope a recording becomes available as the content is important and useful.Thank you for organising this event."

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