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Health Innovation

Online: Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 | Time: 12:00-2:15pm ET / 9:00-11:15am PT

Driving Transformative changes in healthcare delivery to achieve excellence in patient care

The impact of COVID-19, along with the advent of new technologies, is transforming the way health care is being delivered in Canada. In response to these external pressures, the healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change, as hospitals, health systems and patients are increasingly relying on digital health technologies for medical service delivery.

Heightened patient demands have forced health care professionals to adopt to new ways of working, accelerating the push to modernize and transform the way the health care system operates. This rapid growth and the adoption of new delivery models, such as digital health, has created new operational challenges, and required a rethinking and new approach to service delivery. The end goal being a system that is more predictive, preventative, personalized and participatory going forward.

Public Sector Network’s Health Innovation virtual event will bring together top health professionals who are piloting the way with new and progressive digital healthcare initiatives. With digital innovation now empowering patients to play a more active role in their own care, the need to modernize the health care during this time of transformation is critical for a more responsive and positive citizen experience.

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Key Takeaways

A must-attend event for public sector organisations looking to:

Identify how to become a fully digitally enabled and integrated healthcare provider centered on enhanced care delivery for patients, families and other healthcare stakeholders 

Discover how to establish a foundation for a connected and integrated medical delivery system including innovative medical devices, telehealth, and the IoT

Understand how to develop and execute a seamless transformation strategy and how to leverage digital solutions that facilitate better healthcare access, continuity of care and improve collaboration between providers and patients


9:00 AM PT & 12:00pm ET
Welcome from PSN
9:05 AM PT & 12:05pm ET
Chair Opening
9:20 AM PT & 12:20pm ET
Government Keynote: Digitally enabling clinical processes across a health system through innovation and optimization
9:35 AM PT & 12:35pm ET
Platinum Keynote: Virtual care: Improving patient experience through Homecare and Remote Care expansion
9:50 AM PT & 12:50 PM ET
Government Case Study: Leveraging emerging technology to improve the quality of patient care and experience
10:05 AM PT & 1:05 PM ET
Government Case Study: Emerging health technology impacting future patient experience
10:20 AM PT & 1:20 PM ET
Refreshment Break
10:25 AM PT & 1:25PM PT
Gold Spotlight: Transforming your patient care experience: Building a digitally-enabled patient-centric health system
10:40 AM PT & 1:40 PM ET
Panel Session: Tackling barriers and harnessing opportunities to drive health innovation
11:15 AM PT & 2:15 PM ET
Closing Remarks from the Chair & End of session


What's included in your registration:

Virtual Presentations

Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and exploring how to instantly apply these insights and gaining unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with the inspiring speaker panel and peers in the live Q&A and polling to discover answers to shared challenges

Leading Technology Solutions

Hear  from solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


Receive on-demand access to session content after the conference on the complimentary Public Sector Network social learning platform

Complimentary for public sector employees only *

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