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Virtual Event: USA Federal Data Insights

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 | 12pm – 2:20pm EST | Online

Event Overview

Cutting Through Complexity to

Deliver Clarity for Actionable Insights

Data has become ubiquitous. It surrounds us in every step of our daily lives and permeates what were once mundane, uninteresting tasks. Whether in the private or the public sectors – data has changed how we engage, how we work, and how we think. Leveraging that data, harnessing it and putting it to work for the benefit of all is a key component to solving the myriad of challenges facing our states, localities and our country.

Gathering, collating, and leveraging that data does come at a cost. With increasingly profound and far-reaching cyber threats – governing your data continues to become more difficult, necessitating new and innovative approaches to ensure not only sound data governance, but thorough protection as well. Mitigating, managing – and where necessary – facing those risks head-on can allow your data governance program to thrive.

Public Sector Network’s Federal Data Insights virtual event will look to provide greater insights and accessible information that can help to reframe the challenges we face in information management and the adherence to legal & regulatory requirements. By gathering data management leaders, data experts, and cybersecurity thought-leaders, we hope to help you build a framework that supports an excellent data governance & protection program.

Benefits of Attending

Explore how to leverage all the tools at your disposal to unleash your department’s inner resiliency.

Explore lessons learned from recent events driving creativity and innovation in data analysis.

Address data considerations pertaining to analysis, security, visualization, and communication.

Examine Federal-level initiatives driving current and future government initiatives.

Your Inspiring Speakers

Dr. Diane Janosek
Founder & Senior Advisor
Women in Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure

Justin Marsico
Chief Data Officer / Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of the Fiscal Service
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Scott Beliveau
Acting Chief Data Officer

Nathan Manzotti, Director of Data & Analytics Center of Excellence, GSA TTS

Nathan Manzotti
Director of Data & Analytics Center of Excellence

Joshua Meltzer, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Joshua Meltzer
Senior Fellow
Brookings Institution

Wyn Elder, Managing Director, Global & US Public Sector, Box

Wyn Elder
Managing Director, Global & US Public Sector

Key Sessions

Chair WelcomeKeynotePanel Discussion 1Panel Discussion 2

Data, Data Everywhere, but…

We are entering into a golden age of data insights for government agencies and government decision-makers – government officials can now derive actionable, meaningful insights much more quickly and accurately from their agencies’ data than ever before. We will hear some incredible stories today from our speakers & panelists highlighting some specific examples and outcomes. But the journey for government agencies is not an easy or smooth one, and it is just beginning. At its core, deriving actionable insights from data comes down to two foundational components:

  1. Organizing more and more data into a place and format that it CAN be analyzed.
  2. Improving the quality of analysis and insights being performed ON the data

While we are starting to make incredible strides on the second component, there is still a long way to go on the first component. A substantial portion of the overall data available to government agencies is either omitted (for multiple reasons); or is included, but maybe shouldn’t be. We will dive into both components during the event today, but we will begin by looking at the first component. Where does all your agencies data reside? And how do you access more of it?

Join our Chair, Wyn Elder, as he examines specific strategies and examples of how agencies can access more of their data for meaningful analysis and insights.

Wyn Elder, Managing Director, Global & US Public Sector, Box

Unleash Your Inner Resiliency

As Federal leaders have had to come to grips with challenges ranging from natural disasters to pandemics, from internal strife to war abroad – the challenges we face remain daunting. Join Diane Janosek as she provides insight into identifying untapped potential and leveraging the skills, tools, and knowledge at your disposal to unleash your inner resiliency.

Featuring Diane Janosek, Founder & Senior Advisor, Women in Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure

How Did the Pandemic Impact Federal Data Usage?

  • How does the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ impact data usage at the Federal level?
  • How was data usage impacted by the effects of the pandemic?
  • How has that changed the approach of Federal leaders in collecting, collating, and communicating data?
  • What innovative changes have you considered in applying data?
  • In what ways have data-driven decision making been impacted?
  • What future impacts may yet come about?


Scott Beliveau, Acting Chief Data Officer, USPTO (Pending Final Clearance)

Joshua Meltzer, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Moderator: Wyn Elder, Managing Director, Global & US Public Sector, Box

Implementing Your Data Governance Strategy: Where Reality Hits the Road

  • What is the reality of implementing a data governance strategy from scratch?
  • How do you go about ensuring top-tier reporting?
  • How do you adhere to a level of consistency when you constantly have a moving target?
  • How does the regulatory and legal framework affect Data governance strategy in your jurisdiction?
  • How does your data governance strategy impact AI & ML development & implementation?


Justin Marsico, Chief Data Officer / Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Nathan Manzotti, Director of Data & Analytics Center of Excellence, GSA TTS

Moderator: Wyn Elder, Managing Director, Global & US Public Sector, Box

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What Your Peers Had to Say

“The speakers themselves were great; there was humility and humor across the board.”

“Great lineup of speakers and panelists! It’s always great to hear about what others in the industry are doing and positively impacting others.”
U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs

“The insights of the speakers were timely and very useful!”
U.S. Department of Agriculture

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