Change is hitting the Public Sector workplace at an unprecedented pace.

Leaders driving the people agenda must navigate the evolving workplace, deliver a dynamic employee experience and position the HR organization as a source of innovation and driving business outcomes. 

New workforce dynamics such as accessing skills on demand, alternative employment models, multigenerational collaboration, and integrating human and intelligent automation are reinventing the workplace.

The future of government work is unfolding along three dimensions:

  • Work. Developments such as advanced automation and cognitive technology will change the way public sector work gets done. These emerging technologies will help employees create more value for constituents and enhance their professional satisfaction.
  • Workforce. Enabled by technology, government will increasingly make use of more varied work arrangements, accessing more diverse pools of skills and capabilities, both inside and outside the organization.
  • Workplace. Technology, and new models for employing talent, will redefine the workplace and its organizational supports. These changes will impact physical workspaces (including remote work) along with policies that promote employee well-being and productivity.

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stated that disparate underlying IT systems and a lack of integration across IT applications and systems is the main challenge in successfully implementing HR technologies.