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Published on October 31, 2019

The 2018-19 Federal budget called for the Australian government to continue to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing global environment and the continued need for fiscal discipline.

Key focus areas are transforming the delivery of government services to individuals, families and businesses, and improving how the public sector operates.

In its 4th year, the Public Sector Innovation Show in Canberra will bring together federal, state and local government agencies and statutory bodies to discuss the critical challenges of achieving a more innovative, transformative and sustainable public sector in Australia.

Bringing together over 800 attendees, the event will deliver Australia’s key large-scale whole of public sector improvement focused gathering. Core themes to be explored in the show are the transformation of government service delivery for the better through improving the management of people, enhancing processes, and employing new innovative tools and technologies.

Dr M Jae Moon, Department of Public Administration, Director, Institute for Future Government (KOR) speaks to PSN-TV in a Behind the Scenes Interview.

May 5, 2019 / 3:26 duration

Interview with Dr M Jae Moon, Institute for Future Government (KOREA)