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By Public Sector Network
Published on July 14, 2020

Government agencies are wrestling with continuity of operations with a dispersed workforce caused by the recent pandemic. Agencies had made enormous investments in digital transformation, which can be leveraged to not only deal with these recent challenges but embrace a new normal.

Organizations may not have been prepared for the sweeping impact of COVID-19. Leaders now have a short window where they can not only set the structure of what returning to the workplace looks like, but also define the culture of the company for years to come.

Digital workflows provide flexibility in a world where working remotely is the new normal. They break down silos and provide a resilient infrastructure, allowing you to pivot quickly as business conditions change or pandemics spread.

Hear from speakers Vidya ShankarNarayan, Director General, Digital Government at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer at ServiceNow as they discuss how an event can rapidly drive government to adapt to this new reality.

Topics to be explored include:

  1. How to break down silos across government departments, digitize workflows and deliver a better citizen experience
  2. How digitizing processes enables effective emergency response
  3. Your guide to managing the return to work process
  4. Identifying the digital skills required to thrive in public service
  5. Exploring regulations and the need for digital credentials

Leverage Digital Transformation to Deliver Enterprise Services in the “New Normal”

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