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By Neb Hamoo
Published on November 9, 2020

Big Data and Actionable Insights


Data is the new currency of the technological economy, and while the use of data is nothing new, the last decade has seen the rise of new tools and techniques, as well as new sources and forms of data, that are changing the landscape for
planning and innovation.

We know that all levels of government collect an increasing amount of data every day, with this data becoming a critical asset for insight-led decision making, however it can be difficult to organise, manage and extract actionable insights from these large, diverse data sets, and during emergency situations like the current Covid-19 crisis or the recent Australian Bushfires, a
fast, informed response is imperative.

Efficient use of data is the missing link where true data insights can be leveraged to improve service delivery, national resiliency, and citizen outcomes. While data literacy, culture and data accuracy all pose challenges to glean actionable data insights, privacy concerns are often seen as the biggest challenge presented by the rise of data and analytics; meaning that government departments and agencies must consider the type and source of data being collected, stored, analysed, shared and consumed.

Public Sector Network’s ‘Big Data & Actionable Insights’ Virtual Event will help government thought leaders understand their evolving technology landscape, and understand how best to use data analytics to manage and derive value from an increased dependence on data.


Big Data and Actionable Insights