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Published on October 30, 2019

Governments face many complex issues: we are constantly challenged to solve society’s
greatest challenges, serve citizens better, and support the more productive use of public
resources. The digital age brings new opportunities to innovate for optimised outcomes.

Local councils in Australia and New
Zealand recognise the need to digitally transform their organisations. Most
councils have started the journey to successfully transition to a citizen-centric digital local government.

However reduced levels of funding and staffing, cost of resourcing, resistance to change, limited technical capability and infrastructure and lack
of leadership and strategy make this journey difficult for most councils.

Achieving a holistic transformation is another key challenge, to ensure front and back office processes and systems get upgraded. Whilst good progress has been made in delivering efficiency savings, the need to transform has
never been more pressing.

The 2nd annual Local Government Transformation Series brings together local government senior executives focused on
customer, business, ICT and digital transformation, and technology providers, to network and discuss how to make the most of these challenges.

Phillip Storer Chief Executive Officer, City of Boroondara speaks to PSN-TV in a Behind the Scenes Interview.

If you’re a Government employee join the Public Sector Network for free today to access captured presentations from the event on PSN-TV –

Interview with Phillip Storer, City of Boroondara