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Digital Transformation Agency

Australian Government

This Digital Transformation Strategy will guide us on our journey to 2025. It will deliver benefits and meet the expectations of Australian people and businesses. We strive to be one of the top three countries in the world for digital government.
We have already been doing a lot of work in this space. We have been exploring emerging  technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and advanced analytics. We need to stay at the forefront of digital change and deliver better, faster outcomes.

We have also been working with the states and territories to make government services more consistent and seamless. We are focusing on your needs, rather than the needs of agencies or layers of government.
We know that digital services can make many people’s lives much easier, but we must also look after those who cannot access or use technology. We will continue to engage and deliver services through channels such as shopfronts and telephones.
Adopting new technologies also presents new challenges for security, privacy and accessibility. We are managing these risks to demonstrate that we deserve your trust and confidence when we deal with your data.
Finally, as the public sector, we are transforming ourselves to be fit for the digital age. It is vital that we test new ideas and innovate. We should rethink organisational structures and cultures, and how we respond to the needs of people and businesses. As we deliver this strategy, you will notice many new capabilities, improvements and transformations over the next seven years. We will be transparent and accountable for the roadmap of deliverables over the next two years and major opportunities for digital transformation beyond that to 2025.