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NSW Treasury



This is a Budget for the bush with farmers at its heart and ensures our regions will continue to grow well, with great infrastructure and world class services.  The following are just a few of the developments this budget covers:

A drought relief package of $1.8 billion will help our farming communities endure the present challenges and build resilience for the future.

Our record $93 billion infrastructure program will deliver upgraded hospitals and healthcare facilities in our regions, supported by an unprecedented boost in frontline services.

We’re investing $1.2 billion to upgrade regional roads and a $400 million investment will support new mobile towers to eliminate blackspots, new data centres and fast, reliable internet connections in the bush.

Our $100 million Regional Cultural Fund continues to enrich country communities and our payroll tax cuts will give regional businesses more freedom to employ more local workers.

The new Western Sydney Airport will be a thriving centre for 200,000 jobs, new industries and new communities and we’re creating more green and open spaces, with the new Billabong Parklands in Campbelltown, three new sport and recreation facilities in Camden, upgrading facilities at our national parks. As well, major new road and rail projects will fill in the missing
links in Western Sydney’s transport network.