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OECD (2019), “Strengthening digital government”, OECD Going Digital Policy Note, OECD, Paris,

March 2019


The rapid integration of digital technologies is transforming today’s societies and economies. An important aspect of this is the change in citizens’ and businesses’ expectations about their interaction with governments. But meeting these new expectations poses a great challenge for governments. Indeed, it requires the digital transformation of governments themselves; failing to adapt could undermine the social contract.

The paper lists key recommendations for government to strengthen its digital capabilities as a digital government is fundamental to serve digital societies and economies’ needs (OECD, 2017a). Governments need to understand that becoming fully digital is no longer an option, but rather an imperative for their legitimacy as guardians of well-being and progress.

The paper describes six main policy dimensions when integrating and using digital technologies to achieve a fully mature digital government. If fully implemented, they should create a digital government environment well equipped to meet the needs of a digital society and economy (OECD, 2018a).

Finally, the paper reveals that Governments need a proper governance framework and, in particular, the right institutional and legal set-ups to create a digital government environment.