Spotlight Interview: Health and Human Services ANZ Q1 National Insights

By Public Sector Network | March 19, 2022

Oracle and the Public Sector Network recently collaborated to deliver the Q1 ANZ Health and Human Services National Insights on 2nd March 2022, Online.

After the event, we were grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Oracle in an intimate conversation on their perspectives with technology trends and barriers faced in their community.

What overall trends are you seeing in terms of technology in your industry?

As we work with healthcare organisations around the world, we’re seeing a bigger push towards better analytics, better insights and more interest and use of AI/ML and NLP. While most provider organisations, even the larger ones, but especially those in the community, don’t have teams of data scientists to build complex AI models, what we are seeing is more useful predictive analytics, purpose-built models to optimise and make areas of the healthcare workflow more efficient.

What is the next big thing in terms of technology and where do you see it in the next 2 to 5 years?

Interoperability has been top of mind for a very long time. While more and more technology vendors are bringing their solutions into more open standards like FHIR, what we are also seeing is a step into a different direction. Instead of concerns about data in different formats from different disparate sources, we’re seeing complex organisations bring their information into a data lake to standardise/normalise there prior to utilising analytics and models so they can produce better patient, financial and operational outcomes. This is especially important for those organisations, and government entities that would like to utilise a federated model where their data stays in one place.

Aside from the pandemic, what have been some of the technology challenges or barriers experienced in the last 12 months?

Broadly speaking, improvements in and adoption of technology in our sector ultimately the consumer is more interested in their data, their experience with their healthcare providers and the healthcare system in general. With the pandemic we’ve seen patients/citizens put a serious draw on telemedicine and other digital resources. As the pandemic goes into its next wave healthcare organisations are looking to transition into a deeper sustainable investment in these areas and more broadly in person-centred care. We’re seeing a lot of new decision making occurring as we move into the next phase.

What has been your best performing technology in the last 12 months and why?

We’ve seen lots of positive performance across the board on the OCI platform and infrastructure side of the house. An area where we’ve seen some tangible positive impact with our customers is around our ERP, HCM and Supply chain suite. These Fusion applications have been a work horse this year giving healthcare organisations the agility to respond to rapid change and optimize their business and people processes, and enable them to focus on the truly interesting innovation they are excited about.