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How SafeWork SA went from surviving to thriving with the help of The Oranges Toolkit

2 | By  Public Sector Network | June 25, 2021

In 2017 when Martyn Campbell became Executive Director of SafeWork SA, the government agency responsible for workplace health and safety regulation and enforcement in South Australia, it was experiencing significant challenges both internally and externally. Martyn needed to lead a cultural change program across the organisation that caused major upheaval and uncertainty. To effectively enable change adoption amongst the established workforce, he recognised the need to build resilience, trust, and create psychological safety.  He chose to engage the services of The Oranges Toolkit to build mental and emotional agility through its wellbeing workshop program and credits the unique program as helping to transform the organisation.

This case study features a reflective interview and insights from Martyn Campbell, offering a candid view of how the ORANGES evidence-informed principles and practices of Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, Now, Gratitude, Energy, and Strengths helped to rescue the government agency. The training and tools continue to be evident today, and the science-based principles and practical tools are evident in the language, conversations, and attitudes across the organisation.

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