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Adobe and Deloitte have today released the 2019 Rethinking the Digital Dividend Report, revealing that greater digital transformation across government services could save Australians as much as a day a year in time saved.

According to the report, as Australians interact with federal and state government agencies, they are on average spending, and losing, 8 hours a year, filling out and mailing forms, waiting on-hold or standing in queues.

Time lost is worse for people living in regional Australia, who often have to travel further to complete in-person transactions. They stand to save 14 hours a year through more streamlined, digital service delivery experiences.

People who have to interact with government more often, including pensioners and those accessing social security,  could potentially save 13 hours a year. The report looks at the impact of digitisation on government services, drawing on recent Australian and global examples of digital transformation, digital and financial statistics, case studies, and insights from ten government  sector leaders, to report on the benefits of digital experience platforms for government. The research updates the Digital Government Transformation Report commissioned by Adobe in 2015.

Download the whitepaper to explore:

  • How to create a shared sense of commitment to improving government services
  • Simplifying the number and complexity of services for targeted citizen groups
  • A roadmap to build the digital platforms that support harmonisation of services
  • Measuring and analyze the data that citizens share to improve their experiences
  • Reviewing business case guidance to enable the real value of citizen experience benefits to be measured to justify investment