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Australian Academy of Science

Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

National Committee for Information and Communication Sciences

September 2019


A strategic plan for information and communications science, engineering and technology.

The Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technology and
Engineering strongly assert that to enhance our participation in the digital economy, Australia
needs to plan strategically for what we call our digital future. This strategic plan is the result of
a collaboration between the two academies. It is complemented by a series of digital readiness
studies being undertaken by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

The core focus of the plan is the need to strengthen the interaction between industry and the research sector to ensure Australia is best placed to realise and capitalise on opportunities in digital technology over the coming decade and beyond.

The plan highlights five key priority areas for action: promoting closer partnerships between industry and the research community, strengthening our digital workforce and skills pipeline, delivering whole-of-government action, achieving reforms of the research sector, promoting digital leadership in industry.

This plan highlights just a few of the many examples of Australians converting great science and research into commercial products and services that improve our standard of living. But
we need to do more.

The challenge now for government, industry and the research and education sectors is to work together to deliver on the key priority areas and the recommendations contained in this strategic plan.