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Population growth has been strongest in Australia’s cities, although some regional areas have also grown strongly.

Unemployment is low, crime rates continue to fall, more Australians are participating in education, and health outcomes have been continuously improving. All these indicators point to a country with strong living standards for its people.

If Australia is to continue to make the most of population growth, we must meet the needs of future generations. We must manage the rate of growth through the migration program and plan and invest in the infrastructure and services needed in the future.

Better population planning will help overcome capacity constraints and congestion pressures in
Australia’s biggest cities. This will be a key focus of the Government going forward with major investment in infrastructure right across Australia.

Planning for and managing population growth is a shared responsibility of Commonwealth, State, Territory and Local governments. This is why we are joining with States, Territories and the Australian Local Government Association to better plan for population changes. Already, this is bringing benefits, with all levels of government working together on practical ways to increase collaboration and form a united approach to population issues.