Innovation in the New South Wales Public Service

Like | By  Public Sector Network | September 29, 2020

In most NSW Government agencies, major transformation or change is either already happening, or is just about to occur. Given this inevitable tide of transformation, what do leaders need to know and do to ensure transformation is successful and as the public sector shifts to a somewhat unknown ‘new normal’ following COVID-19?

Through the lens of the challenges presented by COVID-19, speakers at PSIS NSW 2020 presented
unique and compelling views on innovation, transformation and leadership to an audience who attended
virtually from their workplaces or home offices, covering topics including:

  • Leading in a time of uncertainty, and how to anticipate future possibilities
  • Succeeding and thriving in a new, more flexible public service
  • The transformative power of working from home
  • The value of inclusive leadership to support change and productivity
  • Responding to new community expectations
  • Partnering with industry to apply technology, and the potential for automation to be the next
    big transformative change in workplaces
  • Nurturing successful change – the program transformation journey, and transforming the NSW
    Department of Education

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