Information & Data Management

Like | By  Public Sector Network | January 11, 2021

All organisations collect data and use data. Some organisations have embraced technology more than others and have therefore been able to leverage their data better. The goal now is for other organisations to better use the data at their disposal, and to integrate it with their available technology, to improve the efficiency of the organisation and the customer experience.

This paper presents two Australian examples and a Canadian perspective on how data can be used to create efficiencies and to change the operations of an  organisation for the better. The lessons contained within these examples are relevant to any organisation or public sector institution that uses data and is keen to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Key takeaways:

  • How technology is a gamechanger for data
  • Leveraging the power of data can improve efficiency
  • A new system for emergency management in South Australia, fed by data from different sources, will make a big difference for future emergencies
  • In NSW, data from spreadsheets in the health sector has created new digital portals designed to create better efficiencies and practices for clinicians
  • The pandemic has been an opportunity to adapt and change practices
  • It is now important to embed those practices to deliver real change

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