Improving the Operational Efficiency of Your Council in 2020

2 | By  Public Sector Network | October 22, 2020

Local government is the closest level of government to the people and therefore also needs to be the most innovative to keep up with citizen demands. The pandemic has changed expectations and has changed the speed at which councils innovate and adapt.

What can you expect in this whitepaper?

  • Unpack innovation which has always been part of how local councils operate, but the pandemic has exacerbated the innovation
  • Communities expect consistency from government, but they expect innovation and adaptation during crises
  • How partnerships are a good way of improving efficiencies
  • In Toronto, improving efficiencies is all about standardising and streamlining
  • In Christchurch, innovation is about getting the most from technology
  • Embedding the lessons from the pandemic will lead to sustained improvement

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