Five Key Inter-Connected Takeaways

By Public Sector Network | 08 June 2022

Even before the global pandemic overtook the thinking of most cities and governments, the pending crisis of climate change was at the top of many government agendas. Whilst it has been eclipsed in the last two years, it hasn’t entirely fallen off the radar, and in fact, many agencies have only increased their spending and thinking to combat climate change and to future plan their communities.

In Australia, much of this thinking and spending has been and continues to be at a local, state and federal level, with many agencies devoted to ensuring the future sustainability of their jurisdictions. These and numerous other issues came out of Public Sector Network’s Smart Cities & Infrastructure National Insights series, and the following are five of the key take-outs from that event, though of course many of them are inter-connected and inter-related.

5 Key Takeaways:

  • Climate change is an economic issue
  • Creating smarter cities
  • Getting to net zero
  • Understanding net zero
  • Creating a resilient future