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Deloitte Access Economics

March 2019


Change and uncertainty have always been a part of the economy and the government
landscape. But the pace of change is increasing, and uncertainty is at new highs. The government sector is facing the challenge of growth in service expectations and its costs of delivery, amid constrained resources and declining public trust. This makes the case for a new approach to government service delivery, and is aligned with a desire within the sector to embrace new opportunities.

The benefits of public cloud are well recognised. Government sector decision makers identified the main benefits as being improved agility in terms of being able to better scale operations as needed, such as during times of peak demand for agency services or applications, improved productivity, for example, achieved through time savings in analysing data or in streamlining processes, and improved services, reliability and data security. Further, public cloud is a platform for the future, providing a foundation for a range of emerging technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality.