Exclusive Interview

Jaime Schorr

Chief Procurement Officer at State of Maine  

Jaime C. Schorr is the Chief Procurement Officer for the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services. In this capacity, she oversees Procurement Services, Information Technology Procurement, Central Services (Postal Operations and Surplus), Central Fleet Management, and the Central Warehouse. 

Jaime provides consolidated management and coordinates oversight over the various divisions of the Bureau. Her directional leadership and strategic management ensures purchases, procurements, and acquisitions of all contractual services, supplies, materials, and equipment facilitate the most economical use of public funds. 

Jaime holds a BA from The George Washington University, an MBA from New England College and a JD from The Regent University School of Law. She is a native of Wiscasset and currently resides in Gardiner with her husband and two beautiful boys.


What have you found to be your favorite part about your Procurement and purchasing role? 

Answer: I particularly enjoy the diversity of the work. The Procurement office is often seen as the watercooler of state government requiring a knowledge that is expert level related to procurement processes, but a general knowledge of EVERYTHING else! I may be buying a multi-million dollar software package on Monday, and by Friday we are buying electric cars!


What is your favorite screen-time break activity at work? 

Answer: Caffeinating! Getting in a walk with a colleague to grab a cup of coffee, engage in conversation, and breathe in the fresh air. This is a great way to connect with others and get some exercise in!


At the upcoming Government Procurement Transformation Insights event, you will be speaking about – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions in Procurement. Is there one principal of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) that is essential to your department? Can you explain why?

Answer: What if we had more hours in the day? What if we had more hands doing the jobs that need to be done? What if….  As public officials, we simply don’t. BUT, WHAT IF we could use AI to be more efficient within our current processes and software? Procurement officials could utilize AI to impact spend and manage vendors throughout the contract lifecycle. AI is not a dream in the procurement sector anymore. The possibilities are here and will be sustainable for the future.


What’s the best advice you’ve received regarding your career or working in the public sector?


I have two pieces of advice I have received:

  • Don’t worry about the thank you that is not offered because someone, somewhere is reaping the benefit of my hard work and they don’t even know it! 
  • Don’t listen with your mouth.  (i.e. – listen with your ears and really digest what is being said rather than thinking about the response you will provide)


What advice would you give to the next generation who are currently considering a career in the public sector? 

Answer: Dive in headfirst without thinking twice! Procurement is an amazing career that opens doors unknown to exist! Business, accounting, technology, social services, natural resources, climate change, and more is part of our daily routine…I can’t think of a more diverse, exciting, and interesting career path!

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