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Endpoint Protection

Stopping attacks before they reach your network

Cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent and the attackers are becoming more brazen and creative. Combatting these attacks requires innovative solutions like endpoint security and protection.

This paper brings together the perspectives of three cybersecurity professionals, with a focus on security protection, security deployment and security awareness. The lessons from these perspectives will assist in ensuring that the right protections are in place, and that data is as secureas it can be.

Key Takeouts:

  • Cyber-attacks are on the rise so vigilance is important
  • Endpoint security is about protecting all the devices of a user or organisation
  • Emails are one of the preferred methods of virus deployment
  • EDR and XDR systems were developed to combat malware and phishing
  • Systems on their own are not enough; changing behaviours and mind-sets for extra awareness is necessary too
  • In large-scale operations, unified endpoint management (UEM) is key, and choosing the right UEM is a decision based on multiple factors
  • Ultimately, protection depends on the integration of solutions and people

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