Delivering the Future Sustainable Smart City 2020

Like | By  Public Sector Network | October 23, 2020

Cities around the world are constantly evolving and growing, and to continue to do this, many are looking at becoming smart cities – cities that are sustainable, adaptable and able to grow and evolve with the increases in their populations, and as technologies develop.

Key highlights of the whitepaper are as follows:

  • Being a smart city is about being sustainable, having capacity for growth, and looking towards the future
  • Each city’s journey towards becoming a smart city is different, but sustainability and growth challenges are often the catalysts
  • The City of Perth identified five objectives and implemented seven discrete projects
  • The City of Casey started with addressing a transport challenge, which led to partnerships and a new way of thinking
  • The City of Phoenix has a goal to be carbon neutral and started thinking about all the elements of their city that will lead them to achieve that goal

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