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The Secretary

Department of Treasury and Finance

Victoria State Government



The Victorian Budget 2019/20 continues to build on our state’s success, with Victoria outperforming the nation across a broad range of economic indicators.

In 2019-20 alone, our Government’s infrastructure investment will reach a record $14.2 billion,
averaging $13.4 billion a year over the Budget and forward estimates.

With a focus on building local and hiring local, the Government’s infrastructure agenda has ensured more than 115000 jobs for Victorians.

This budget builds on the Andrews Labor Government’s track record of responsible and reliable economic management.

The Government intends to begin and continue major projects our state needs – projects like North East Link, the removal of 75 level crossings by 2025 and Melbourne Airport Rail – while creating tens of thousands of new jobs.

This Budget also responds to changing economic conditions by improving the effectiveness of
spending and creating a fairer and more sustainable tax system, bringing Victoria more into line with New South Wales.