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Embedding Robust, Resilient and Proactive Infrastructure Security to Build Public Trust

This paper brings together a selection of the keynote presentations from experts across Australia and New Zealand as part of a Cyber Security Roadshow that was hosted in collaboration with PwC Australia and held mostly held virtually due to ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns in August 2021.

Though each of the presenters came from different jurisdictions and a different perspective, it is remarkable that so many of their views were aligned and complimentary.

Topics of discussion:

  • The threat environment
  • Situational awareness and visibility over threats, controls and vulnerabilities
  • The importance of privacy
  • Protecting your data
  • The collective role of the CISO
  • Improving your security posture
  • Creating a multi-disciplinary approach – to combat the threat of cyber-attacks
  • Moving forward – important to understand the environment and the vulnerabilities