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Whitepaper: Customer and Technology Transformation in Local Government


Times are both exciting and challenging for Local Government in Australia.

A number of local councils are currently developing transformation strategies or are in the midst of rolling out transformation programs, to update their technologies and meet customer needs

Councils understand that they are operating in a world of increased expectations, as their customers increasingly choose digital as their communication of choice. This means Local Government needs to make some significant, often daunting, changes to the way it is currently operating. This has met with varying degrees of success.

Some councils adopt a ‘quick fix’ approach, by immediately looking at the ‘front end’ of customer experience and designing new websites for interactive communication. However, for truly successful programs, a great deal of work must first happen behind the scenes in the engine rooms of ‘middle’ and ‘back office’ to ensure seamless integration.

If this does not happen, transformation could become a very costly exercise. Building ‘Connected Councils’ is a vital, holistic approach that needs to occur right at the business case stage. Successful delivery of transformation programs requires the bringing together of a range of unique skill sets across a variety of disciplines.

All transformation builds bridges between the council, those who work for it and the communities it serves. Bringing staff and the community along the transformation journey from the very start will allow for buy-in, investment and excitement.

Our report provides insight into the current state of customer and technology transformation across the Local Government sector. It highlights the opportunities, challenges, pain points and successes of these endeavours and surveys local council representatives about their experiences.

We are thrilled that so many council representatives could participate, there was high energy and robust discussion around the country. We thank them for sharing their transformation roadmap with honesty and candour.