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Tackling Climate Change Through Australia’s Development Assistance Program 2020-2025

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Australian Aid

November 2019


The Climate Change Action Strategy will underpin our climate investments and assist the
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to meet Australia’s commitments, building on our $1 billion climate development assistance from 2015-2020.
In this context, the Government has pledged to spend $500 million from 2020-2025 to build
Pacific climate change and disaster resilience. This is a step up on Australia’s previous pledge to
the Pacific to spend $300 million over four years (2016-2020) which we are on track to exceed.
We aim to support the goals of the Paris Agreement to address climate change and strengthen
socially inclusive, gender-responsive sustainable development in our region, and beyond.

The Strategy promotes social inclusion and gender equality, with a clear focus on the most
vulnerable communities, especially women and girls, people with disability and indigenous
The Strategy sets three key objectives to make the best use of our development assistance:
• support partner countries to adapt to climate change, and to plan, prepare for and respond
to climate related impacts
• promote the shift to lower-emissions development in the Indo-Pacific region
• support innovative solutions to climate change, including those that engage private sector

Australia will provide specific and targeted climate change programs that support transition
to lower-emissions, more climate resilient communities with better sustainable development
outcomes. DFAT will also integrate climate change action across Australia’s development assistance