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The Australian National Outlook 2019 brings CSIRO’s research methodology in forecasting, combined with social, environmental and economic data and perspectives (more than 20 non-government organisations met every three months), to predict the future of Australia’s natural resources and energy, productivity and services, and cities and infrastructure.

This paper discusses six main challenges National Outlook participants identified: the rise of Asia, technological change, climate change and environment, demographics, trust and social cohesion.

Informed by the evidence, National Outlook participants explored multiple potential futures and identified two contrasting scenarios for Australia in 2060: Slow Decline and the Outlook Vision. In Slow Decline, Australia fails to adequately address the global and domestic issues, resulting in declining economic, social and environmental outcomes.
In the Outlook Vision, Australia takes decisive action and a long-term view, achieving
much more positive outcomes. Drawing on CSIRO’s integrated modelling, this report
shows that the difference between these two scenarios is large and worth fighting for.