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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Australian Aid



This paper describes Australian development assistance which is an investment in the prosperity, stability and growth of our region, the Indo-Pacific. Our development assistance reflects our values and our interests.  It enables partnerships for sustainable and inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction, addresses transnational security threats and strengthens people-to-people relationships. The program is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, agreed in 2015 as global blueprints for action to end poverty. This paper will cover the aid efforts across all participating regions.

Australia is well placed to assist those most in need by helping remove barriers that prevent
people from living a life of dignity. Our focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment
is essential for developing nations to reach their full potential.

Investing in disaster risk reduction in our region is essential, with evidence suggesting that for
every $1 invested in risk reduction we can save up to $15 in the aftermath of a disaster.  Our aid-for-trade investments aim to deepen and expand trade links in the region, supporting growth and job creation. Our health projects help prevent the spread of infectious diseases from reaching our shores. Our work to enable private sector growth and improve farming creates jobs, reducing migration pressures and contributing to reduced risk of conflict.

Our work with the Australia Pacific Training Coalition that ensures people have
the skills they need to fully participate in the scheme and to support Pacific islands own
labour market needs. Australia Award Scholarships provide high-quality Australian education
and create deep ties with the region’s current and emerging leaders.

Our commitment to international agreements in relation to climate change, is reinforced by our efforts to respond to, and address, climate change through specific programs. In this way our
development assistance magnifies the influence that Australia brings to bear on pressing
regional and global challenges.

In implementing Australia’s development assistance we consider how we can support key determinants of growth, including building human capital and critical infrastructure, strengthening accountable governance and institutions and addressing poverty. Australia assists partner countries achieve their own reform priorities, increasingly moving towards development partnerships that bring to bear all our efforts—official development assistance, trade and investment, people-to-people endeavours and security cooperation— for mutual prosperity.

Each year, DFAT’s Performance of Australian Aid report summarises progress on performance
of Australia’s development assistance program. It includes a summary of progress against the
program’s: 10 strategic targets; country, regional and global program performance; as well
as sector and thematic performance.