Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Dawson D and Schleiger E*, Horton J, McLaughlin J, Robinson C∞, Quezada G, Scowcroft J, and Hajkowicz S† (2019) Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework. Data61 CSIRO, Australia. Reference: This report identifies key principles and measures that can be used to achieve the best possible results from AI, while keeping the well-being of Australians as the top priority. It examines key issues through exploring a series of case studies and trends that have prompted ethical debate in Australia and worldwide, such as privacy with regards to the use of data, and ethics for example, as algorithms can’t necessarily treat every person exactly the same where justice sometimes demands that different situations be treated differently. The development of best practice guidelines can help industry and society achieve better outcomes. This requires the identification of values, ethical principles and concepts that can serve as their basis.  The chapters of this ethics framework provide a strong foundation for both awareness and achievement of better ethical outcomes from AI.