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Infrastructure Australia

Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019

June 2019


Australia’s population is growing and changing, the structure of the economy is shifting, our communities and environment are experiencing weather extremes, and rapid technology change  is fundamentally reshaping our day-to-day lives.

Infrastructure is central to our quality of life. But looking to the future, user needs are evolving and it is very likely, in coming decades, our infrastructure will look very different to today.

The context of uncertainty has formed the foundational principle for Infrastructure Australia
in developing the Audit. The role of this Audit is not to identify solutions. Before arriving at  solutions, it is important to have a clear understanding of the problems we are seeking to solve.

In response to the current setting of uncertainly, Infrastructure Australia has taken a new approach to the development of the 2019 Audit, informed by strategic foresight methods which uses available knowledge and forecasting tools to understand plausible future events.

Through this approach the Audit discovers many outcomes for users such as greater access to choice in infrastructure services due to technology; and also impacts on communities such as the quality of infrastructure services for people living in remote communities does not meet the standards Australian expect.