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Virtual Event: Transforming the Way You Use Data in Your Smart City

Utilising data to make better informed decisions

Thursday 26 November 2020

Agenda Overview:

The ability to harness real-time, highly granular data is transforming the way cities are experienced, developed and maintained.

Collecting the data is one thing, but extracting valuable insights and putting them to use, is another. Cities need to establish a robust strategy for data, build their analytics capabilities and fully utilise these to drive innovation, efficiency and harness future opportunities, including IoT.

Public Sector Network’s “Transforming the Way You Use Data in Your Smart City” Virtual Event will provide the platform to generate a diverse range ideas that focus on a common mission: an interconnected, smart city.

Key Takeaways:

Learn how to pick and implement the best data analytic tools for your smart city

Identify how to use data and evidence to understand, prioritise, and evaluate services

Find out how to take full advantage of cost savings and efficiency gains

Learn how to create a smart city data roadmap

Your Inspiring Speakers:

Emily Yates

Smart Cities Director
City of Philadelphia (US)

James Peet

Chief Digital Officer
Moreton Bay Regional Council

Mason Davies

Partner, Digital Strategy

Greg Drumm

General Manager Organisational Performance
Latrobe City Council

James Roberts

Chief Digital Officer
Wellington City Council (NZ)

Vivien Le

Innovation and Insight Officer
City of Canterbury Bankstown

Eng Yong Liang

Segment Manager - Cities

Michael Bewley

Director, AI Systems

Glen Cottick

Acting Director of Innovation and Technology Services
City of Winnipeg

Agenda Highlights:

09:00 am
Welcome from PSN
09:10 am
Building connected smart cities
09:20 am
Integrating data into all aspects of your smart city vision and strategy
09:35 am
Smarter, faster: Augment your city data (no sensors required!)
09:50 am
Improving decision making through data and advanced analytics
10:05 am
The power of data in smart street lighting systems
10:20 am
Improving data analysis to increase efficiency, reliability and sustainability
10:35 am
10:40 am
Opportunities and challenges of smart city data
11:00 am
End of session


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Free for Public Sector only

Online event


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