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Virtual Event: Public Sector Innovation Show USA - Mountain & North Central Region

Building a modern, agile and adaptive public service

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Complimentary for public sector employees from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

Agenda Overview:

Public sector innovation is needed now more than ever before. Using new approaches – from policy design to service delivery, new technologies and better use of data – to improve the performance and responsiveness of the public sector is critical if we are to bounce back from the recent challenges we have all faced.

To recover faster and better, we need to collaborate, share ideas and accelerate innovation in the public sector, ultimately to delivery better services to all stakeholders. That is what this day will be about.

The Public Sector Network’s Public Sector Innovation Series will provide its own information sharing platform to equip attendees with the ideas and inspiration needed to continue innovating in this newfound way of working.

View the Agenda for the Mountain and North Central Region
Mountain and North Central

Key Takeaways:

Set your innovation strategy

Enhance integration and collaboration across all levels of government for improved outcomes

Understand how to modernize your IT architecture to deliver better services

Hear how to redesign your services to accommodate new changes that need to be made

Ready your applications and services for new ways of working

Accelerate the use of Data, Analytics, RPA and AI in your organization

Your Expert Speakers

C. Ki’i Kimhan Powell

C. Ki’i Kimhan Powell

Office of Economic Security Director
Colorado Department of Human Services

Kathleen Osher

Director of Community Services
City Manager’s Office (Littleton, CO)

David Bessen

Director, Information Technology
Arapahoe County, Colorado

Mike Grigsby

Director, Innovation & Technology
City of Sioux Falls

Jeff Clines

Chief Information Officer
State of South Dakota

Chelsea Rosty

Director of Business Innovation & Tourism
City of Montrose, Colorado

Rishma Khimji

Director of Technology, Department of Information Technology
City of Reno

Tarek Tomes

Commissioner & State Chief Information Officer
Minnesota IT Services

Tyrone Spratt

Tyrone Spratt

CIO, MNIT Services, Agriculture
Board of Animal Health and Labor and Industry

Paul Fox

Paul Fox

Senior Product Manager
Palo Alto Networks

Joe Carella

Assistant Dean
Eller Executive Education, University of Arizona

Duane Schell

Chief Technology Officer
State of North Dakota

Chris Estes

US State, Local & Education Market, Finance, Operations & Technology Leader
Ernst & Young LLP

Agenda Highlights:

9:00 am
Welcome from Chair
9:20 am
Keynote: Pivoting in a Pandemic & Lessons Learned From a Crisis Within a Crisis
10:00 am
Partner Session
10:20 pm
Government Case Study: The State of Digital Transformation in Government and the Public Sector
10:40 am
Partner Session: Architecting the Enterprise Data Cloud
11:00 am
11:05 pm
Government Case Study: Navigating Bots Implementation and Employee Resistance
11:30 am
Government Case Study: Planning for the Future After 30 Years of Reactionary Policies and Practices
11:50 am
Government Case Study: Scaling Innovation and Thinking Entrepreneurially
12:10 pm
Panel: Empathy in Technology, Integration and Collaboration – How to Transform Technology Innovation, Design, Service Delivery to Deliver Shared Outcomes Through Empathy
1:20 pm
Closing Remarks from the Chair
Download Full Agenda

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