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Virtual Event: Public Sector Innovation Show - British Columbia

Connecting people with ideas to build a better public service

Thursday, December 3, 2020
Start: 12:00pm PT

Agenda Overview:

Public sector innovation is needed now more than ever before. Using new approaches – from policy design to service delivery, new technologies, and better use of data – to improve the performance and responsiveness of the public sector is critical if we are to bounce back from the recent challenges we have all faced.

To recover faster and better, we need to collaborate, share ideas, and accelerate innovation in the public sector, ultimately delivering better services to all stakeholders. That is what this day will be about.

Public Sector Network’s Public Sector Innovation Series will provide its own information-sharing platform to equip attendees with the ideas and inspiration needed to continue innovating in this newfound way of working.

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Key Takeaways:

Understand how to modernize your IT architecture to deliver better services

Hear how to redesign your services to accommodate for inclusion, efficiency, and simplicity

Build your capabilities to innovate & set your innovation strategies

Ready your applications and services for new ways of working and delivery

Accelerate the use of data, analytics, RPA and AI in your organization

Enhance integration and collaboration across all levels of government for improved outcomes

Your Expert Speakers

Hon. Joyce Murray

Minister of Digital Government
Government of Canada

Leanne Thain

Executive Director, Digital Health Strategy
BC Ministry of Health

Stephen Gordon

Chief Information Officer
Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia

Rumon Carter

Rumon Carter

Executive Director, BCDevExchange & ExchangeLab
BC Ministry of Citizens' Services

Heather Remacle

Senior Director of Delivery, The Exchange Lab

Greg Wells

Greg Wells

Chief Information and Digital Officer
NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Daniel Roelink

Director, Enterprise Architecture, digital.nsw
NSW Department of Customer Service

Andreas Boehm

Andreas Boehm

Intelligent Cities Manager
City of Kelowna

Janice Fischer

IBM Public Cloud Vice President, Platform Release Management, CISO, Compliance

Shelley Gilberg

Shelley Gilberg

BC Public Sector Leader & BC Consulting Leader

Diane Gutiw

Diane Gutiw

VP of Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Agenda Highlights:

12:00pm PT
Chair Opening: Setting the Strategy for Innovation in the Public Sector
12.20pm PT
Keynote Session: Building our Innovation Capabilities: People, Processes and Technology
12.40pm PT
Partner Session: IBM
12.55pm PT
Spotlight on Rapid Deliveries at BC’s Exchange Lab
1.15pm PT
Partner Session: Readying your Applications and Services for new ways of Service Delivery
1.30pm PT
Government Case Study: Accelerating the use of Data, Analytics, RPA & AI
1.45pm PT
Spotlight on New South Wales’ Beyond Digital Strategy
2.05pm PT
2.10pm PT
Panel Session: Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Innovation in BC’s Public Sector
2.55pm PT
Closing the Remarks from the Chair
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