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Virtual Event: Public Sector Innovation Show - Atlantic

Connecting people with ideas to build a better public service

Online: Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Start: 9:00am ADT / 9:30am NDT

Agenda Overview:

Public sector innovation is needed now more than ever before.

Using new approaches – from policy design to service delivery, new technologies, and better use of data – to improve the performance and responsiveness of the public sector is critical if we are to bounce back from the recent challenges we have all faced.

To recover faster and better, we need to collaborate, share ideas and accelerate innovation in the public sector, ultimately delivering better services to all stakeholders. In that spirit, Public Sector Network would like to invite you to join the conversation at our Public Sector Innovation Show – Atlantic Canada. Gain the ideas, inspiration, and practical wins needed to drive innovation in this new way of working

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Key Takeaways:

Create opportunities to learn new skills, increase capabilities, reduce redundancies and create better days for public sector employees

Explore unique opportunities to enhance integration and collaboration across departments and agencies to deliver shared outcomes

Discover strategies for staying laser-focused on delivering your vision – and finding the right people, processes and tools to support that vision

Leverage lessons learned from the crisis-driven response to COVID-19 to reprioritize and reframe your processes and services in a way that best supports efficiency, ease-of-use and inclusivity

Build connections, engage and share ideas that support an iterative, flexible and innovative public sector environment

Your Expert Speakers

Sandra Cascadden

Sandra Cascadden

Associate Deputy Minister, Health and Wellness
Government of Nova Scotia

Nick Scott

Director, Innovation Services
Digital Academy at Canada School of Public Service

Cheryl Hansen

Chief Operating Officer, Clerk of the Executive Council and Head of the Public Service
Government of New Brunswick

April Howe

Senior Executive Advisor to the Deputy Minister, Department of Justice
Government of Nova Scotia

Scott McKenna

Chief Information Officer
Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Colleen Boldon

‎Director, Digital Lab and Digital ID Programs
Service New Brunswick

Josie Scioli

Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services
City of Toronto

Stephen Bull

Senior Assistant Deputy Minister and Corporate Chief Information Officer
Government of Alberta

Sonia Powell

Director General, Real Property Service’s Accommodation Management and Workplace Solutions Service Line
Public Services and Procurement Canada

Spencer Daniels

Spencer Daniels

Product Manager
Ontario Digital Service

Glennys Egan

Glennys Egan

Youth Employment and Skills Innovation Analyst
Employment and Social Development Canada

Robert Conlin

VP, Public Services Canada

Tammy Labelle

Tammy Labelle

Public Sector Network

Lise Batherson

Associate Partner - Public Sector, Atlantic

Stephen Greene

Associate Partner

Robert Ronberg

Enterprise Sales Executive

Agenda Highlights:

9:00am ADT / 9:30am NDT
Welcome from Public Sector Network
9:05am ADT / 9:35am NDT
Opening Remarks from the Chair: Setting the Strategy for Innovation in the Public Sector
9:20am ADT / 9:50am NDT
Government Keynote: Building our Innovation Capabilities: People, Processes and Technology
9:35am ADT / 9:55am NDT
Partner Session: Increasing Productivity, Promoting Flexibility and Unlocking the Power of Team-Based Work
12:50pm ADT / 9:50am NDT
Sharing Best Practices from Other Jurisdictions Customer Experience Transformation at the City of Toronto
10:10am ADT / 10:40am NDT
Partner Session Readying your Applications and Services for New Ways of Service Delivery
10:25am ADT / 10:55am NDT
Panel Session: Working in the Open: Building Trust and Transparency to Better Facilitate Collaboration, Innovation and Coordination
10:50am ADT / 11:20am NDT
A Practical Guide to Public Sector Transformation
11:05am ADT / 11:35am NDT
Virtual Refreshment Break
11:10am ADT / 11:40am NDT
Panel Session Leading Innovation – Lessons Learned from Catalysts and Trailblazers
11:50am ADT / 12:20pm NDT
Closing Keynote: Sharing Best Practices from Other Jurisdictions Digital Transformation Priorities at the Government of Alberta
12:10pm ADT / 12:40pm NDT
Closing Remarks from the Chair & Virtual Event Adjourns
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