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Virtual Event: Human Capital & Intelligent Automation - USA

Transforming the Public Sector's Approach to
Human Capital via Dynamic Technologies

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021
(Start: 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET)

Agenda Overview:

Across the public sector, leaders are being challenged to provide increasing value and output from employees, while doing ‘more with less’.  

Luckily, dynamic innovations like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, and Machine Learning are opening up new avenues for collaboration and engagement. Ultimately, they’re transforming the workplace and our public workforce as we know it. By leveraging Intelligent Automation to improve Human Capital, you stand to optimize service delivery, streamline processes and tasks, and offer employees more time to achieve impactful work – all while reducing costs. It’s clear why so many agencies are embracing this change. However, it can be daunting for those in HR often left grappling with both human and tech-based considerations.

PSN’s Human Capital and Intelligent Automation Virtual Event brings together HR leaders from across the Public Sector to address opportunities and challenges in building the workforce of the future through Intelligent Automation. How are they leveraging its strengths to their benefit? What means are they using to deploy these technologies strategically and manage them responsibly? The answers are all here, and they’ll hold the key to successfully unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Key Takeaways:

Explore how to drive value and boost productivity by automating repetitive processes

Discuss how automation is enabling workforce transformation in the public sector

Identify unexpected processes that can be automated within your organization

Learn how to face, manage and overcome resistance to cultural transformation

Featured Speakers:

Sheila Ireland

Sheila Ireland

Deputy Secretary of Workforce Development - Department of Labor & Industry,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Jaclyn Padilla

Jaclyn Padilla

Deputy Director of Human Resources,
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Dr. William Brantley

Dr. William Brantley

Digital Transformation Coach & Training Specialist, US Navy & Faculty Member, University of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence

Rachael McCord, Assistant Deputy Director of Human Resources, Covered California

Rachael McCord

Assistant Deputy Director of Human Resources,
Covered California

Agenda Highlights:

12:00pm ET
PSN Welcome & Chair Opening: Exploring the Impact of Automation upon Employees
12:20pm ET
Government Keynote: What Automation Means for the Future of the Workforce: Charting Pennsylvania’s Intelligent Automation Journey
12:40pm ET
Government Case Study: Covered California’s Automation Journey
1:00pm ET
Partner Session: Delivering Upon the Future of HR Process Management
1:15pm ET
Government Case Study: The AI Revolution in Training & Development
1:35pm ET
Partner Session: Demystifying Intelligent Automation to Make it Work for You
1:50pm ET
Panel Session: Embracing Automation: Designing Your Initiatives around Employees to Maximize their Impact
2:20pm ET
Closing remarks from the Chair

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