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Virtual Event: Hospital Management Improvement

Winning Processes for Increasing Efficiency and Improving Patient Experience

Tuesday, June 15, 2021
(Start: 12.00pm ET / 9.00am PT)

Agenda Overview:

Better hospital management leads to better and safer patient care. Hospitals are multifaceted systems, where there are hundreds of operations going on at one time. Running hospitals and practices efficiently directly correlates with the delivery of care. Improving hospital and practice management can achieve significant improvements in patient flow, reduction of bottlenecks, increased rate of discharge, reduced lead, and queue time, as well as a decrease in the costs involved in treating each patient.

Hospital and practice managers must maintain their ethical responsibilities while ensuring that all operations throughout the hospital or practice are running smoothly, from surgery schedules, patient flow, record updates and confidentiality, waste management, and equipment maintenance and set up, to name a few.

If improvement efforts are poorly managed or executed, projects can easily stall out and take up valuable time, money, and resources, while returning little in the way of results. To combat this Public Sector Network’s Hospital Management Improvement Virtual Event will equip attendees with new ideas and strategies on how to improve existing management processes and how introducing new processes and strategies to further increase efficiency and care. 

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Key Takeaways:

Understand how to holistically tackle clinical, financial, and operational quality improvement 

Identify how to improve care, patient experience, and save lives through quality improvement projects

Learn how better capture and measure data to identify needed improvements 

Find out how to reduce clinical variation, preventable medical errors, hospital-acquired infections, delays inpatient discharge, and improve the bottom line

Event Speakers:

Mehdi Somji

Interim Senior Director COVID Vaccination
Unison Health & Community Services

Andrew Nemirovsky

Senior Director IM/IT and Chief Information Officer
Nova Scotia Health Authority

Tracy Wasylak

Chief Program Officer, Strategic Clinical Networks
Alberta Health Services

Judith Hockney

Judith Hockney

Senior Operating Officer, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Lois Hole Hospital for Women & Sturgeon Community Hospital & Co-Chair
AHS Edmonton Zone Emergency Management

Ronan Segrave

Chief Operating Officer
Health Science Centre Winnipeg

Andrea Nguyen

Director, Service Planning and Operational Readiness South Niagara Hospital Project
Niagara Health

Beatrise Edelstein

Program Director, Seniors Care, Inpatient Medicine, Allied Health & Ambulatory Services
Humber River Hospital

Kathleen Chouinor, MBA, MHA, CHE

Executive Director, Primary Health Care & Chronic Disease Management
Fraser Health

Brian Chidester

Sr. Industry Marketing Strategist

Scott Lundstrom

Sr. Industry Marketing Strategist

Dr. Yan Chow MD, MBA

Global Healthcare Industry Lead
Automation Anywhere

Event Partners:



Agenda Highlights:

12:05pm ET / 9:05am PT
Chair Opening: Improving hospital management with the right people, processes, and technology
12:20pm ET / 9:20am PT
Government Keynote: Innovation Pipeline – System Level Approach to Translating Health Research and Adopting Innovations of Value that Support Health System Change
12:35pm ET / 9:35am PT
Partner Session: Implementing effective quality management systems to improve patient safety and quality of care
12:50pm ET / 9:50am PT
Government Case Study: Foundational Care Pathways: Tackling clinical, financial, and operational quality improvement with innovation and improved management
1:20 pm ET / 10:20am PT
Government Case Study: Redesigning workflows to improve efficiency and collaboration
1:35pm ET / 10:35am PT
1:40pm ET / 10:40am PT
Panel Session: How to achieve process improvements in existing environments
2:10pm ET / 11:10am PT
End of Session


Complimentary to attend

For public sector only

Online event