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Virtual Event: Health & Human Services:

National Insights – Spring Edition

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 | 12:00-2:15pm ET • 9:00-11:15am PT | Online

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Event Overview

Personalised and Intuitive Healthcare with Technology

We’ve faced a radical two-year disruption for the Canadian Health Care Sector in an unprecedented global post-pandemic age. The risk of not exponentially advancing becomes more significant than the risk of “doing things the way they’ve always been done.” The rapid evolution of global health systems, patient-centric design, and digital enablement is no longer in “the future”; it is in “the now.” With higher pressure on resources, shifting population needs, growth in healthcare expenditures, and evolving consumer expectations for better patient experience and outcomes, the emphasis is on delivering more value with less.

Q2 National Insights – Spring Edition is about working towards an entirely digitally enabled and integrated healthcare system in Canada in a COVID-19 world. With a focus on technology, analytics, and data, this event allows you to meet with public sector health leaders as they share their strategies for creating digitally transformed, patient-centric health systems.

Join this exclusive event to discuss the power of technology and foster innovation to achieve high-quality, sustainable healthcare for all today and into the future.

Benefits of Attending

Uncover crucial insights to navigate a new operating environment and infrastructure defined by distance and demand for personalized, shared, and intuitive care

Leverage the experience of other healthcare providers to set the vision and roadmap for the future

Equip yourself with the cyber tools and digital solutions case studies to improve technology strategy implementation and for increasing demands inpatient experience and outcomes

Key Sessions

Setting the Vision and Developing Your Digital Health Strategy to Create an Interconnected Healthcare System

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Designing a Hospital-Based Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) to Manage Patient Flow

  • The IOC is a co-located team led by a site decision-maker empowered by real-time situational awareness and data to make patient flow and resources decisions. Strong role clarity, business processes, trigger and decision points, and escalation pathways guide the site IOC. The IOC will monitor critical operational processes and activate escalations at defined thresholds to maintain the optimal site and resource utilization.
  • The Site IOC consistently anticipates bed capacity and resource needs for the hospital and works with all stakeholders to remove barriers and meet the needs of the patients transitioning in and out of acute care
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Utilizing Automation and Analytics to Improve Operational Efficiency, Reduce Waste and Free Up Resources

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Creating a Culture of Innovation in Healthcare 

  • How can we best utilize new healthcare technologies during times of public crisis?
  • How can we safely utilize data and analytics for insight-based decision-making?
  • What are some best practices for integrating telehealth into your healthcare settings?
  • What key elements enable a successful rollout of new technologies and digital health initiatives that minimize disruption and allow a smooth transition?
  • What role has culture and effective change management played in ensuring your initiatives are embedded successfully?
  • What is one action item you would like to share with everyone on the line today to help them improve their culture of innovation?
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Ensuring You Have Robust Cyber Measures in Place and creating a Cyber Threat Prevention Culture 

  • What is your vision in terms of improving cyber security? What will the next few years look like for you to roll this out?
  • What impact has COVID-19 had on cyber threats? How has it changed your approach to risk management, if at all?
  • How have you gone about meeting these demands and incorporating them into your existing framework?
  • What has been the most challenging aspect of rolling out enterprisewide security across your organization, and what hurdles are you consistently coming up against?
  • How have you gone about creating and sustaining the right culture?
  • What is one action item you would like to share with everyone on the line today to help them improve their risk management capabilities?
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What Your Peers Had to Say

“I really appreciated the experts from such a broad spectrum of Public Sector Health Services across the country. The presentations had depth as well as breadth.”

Sault Area Hospital

“Such fabulous presentations and discussions. I thought the overall length and the length of each session was just right!”

The Ottawa Hospital

“The presenters did a great job of sharing information that was meaningful and applicable. Very engaging presenters.”

Nova Scotia Health

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