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USA: Federal Digital Insights
Recentering Service Delivery on the Citizen

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 12pm – 2:45pm ET | Online

Event Overview

The reality of government today is that it is just as complex as any multinational corporation–and complexity can breed confusion. Between citizens, partners, and clients -digital transformation and service delivery across the Federal Government has been essential to responding to contemporary expectations.

Departments and agencies across the Federal Government have been innovating and bringing new tools to bear to execute their missions and delivery value for citizens; transforming the way that individuals and institutions engage with the Government. Within that same framework –Federal agencies and departments have been retooling their citizen experience strategies by leveraging new approaches, technologies, and procedures. This is a transformative time for digital engagement and communication–allowing greater collaboration and unique touchpoints with those the Federal Government serves.

Public Sector Network’s Federal Digital Insights virtual event will convene Federal public sector thought leaders driving the continued digital development of the Federal Government. Join us as we focus on key learnings and actions that will help Federal departments and agencies to continue their momentum in providing safe, secure, and inclusive digital services.

Benefits of Attending

Examine key case studies by Federal thought leaders along the road to top-tier digital service delivery

Explore how internally, and externally, facing digital transformation initiatives differ and what you can learn from each process along your journey

Discuss how citizen/customer experience impacts digital transformation and the roles that trust, privacy, and security play in successful digital service delivery

Examine the opportunities and address the biggest digital transformation and delivery challenges

A Look Into Your Inspiring Speakers

Captain Michael Ahmadi Team Lead, Digital Communications at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health

Captain Michael Ahmadi
Team Lead, Digital Communications at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute,
National Institute of Health
(pending final agency clearance)

Kristin Dohn Digital Engagement Lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Kristin Dohn
Digital Engagement Lead
Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau

(pending final agency clearance)

Scott E. Simpson Digital Transformation Lead, Procurement Innovation Lab U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Scott E. Simpson
Digital Transformation Lead, Procurement Innovation Lab
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
(pending final agency clearance)

Steve Witt, Director of Public Sector, Nintex

Steve Witt
Director of Public Sector

Key Sessions

Government KeynotePanel DiscussionGovernment Case StudyPanel Discussion

Embedding Privacy & Security into Digital Service Delivery

Description coming soon…

Encouraging Digital Engagement & Creating a Culture of “Customer”-Centric Digital Service Delivery

Developing an internal culture dedicated to customer-centric service delivery is the future of government engagement. As the Federal Government reassess service delivery for the digital age and expands upon digital touchpoints with partners and citizens alike – the task of ensuring that you live that reality through organizational culture is key. Join leaders from across the Federal Government as they explore how digital service delivery is changing our current paradigm for engagement, communication, and mission delivery.

  • What principles are guiding organizational transformation, digital communication, and mission delivery?
  • How does that manifest within your initiatives? What difference has it made within the organization? To citizens, partners, and clients?
  • What best practices or strategies can you share to those who are looking to embark on a citizen-centric cultural journey?

Developing a Digital Service Delivery Communication Framework

As digital transformation is rolled out across the public sector and digital touchpoints become increasingly commonplace for public service delivery to citizens, clients, and partners alike – communication across various channels increases in importance. Stemming from an institution where every piece of communication must be taken seriously – the NIH strives for top-tier communication no matter the instance or target. Join Commander Michael Ahmadi as he shares some insights from the recent efforts undertaken at NIH and the opportunities that transformation has afforded. 

Leveraging Digital Technologies to Maximize Impact and Service Outcomes

  • Recent events have forced all organizations – public and private alike – to make a pivot towards additional digital technologies in-order to remain in operations. How have you appropriated digital technologies to advance your mission? Where are you going beyond the basics?
  • What unique and unexpected applications have you found for digital technologies as you’ve explored ways to improve/expand service delivery?

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