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Virtual Event: Exploring the Potential of Geospatial Data

Collecting & Analyzing Geospatial Data to Drive Insight and Enhance Planning

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021
Start: 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT

Agenda Overview:

In recent years, the public sector has become increasingly reliant on geospatial data to inform urban development and strategic planning decisions. Agencies across land management, environment, transport, and utilities must be able to utilize spatial data to better deliver asset management, logistics coordination, and urban development. By improving the management, application, and accessibility of geospatial data, the public sector can better manage public infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.  

Geospatial data does not only contribute to the planning capabilities of government but also provides insight into how infrastructure is used by citizens. By developing user-friendly digital data platforms, the public sector can obtain critical user data while equipping the public with authoritative land values, property sales information, and mobility trends. 

Public Sector Network’s Spatial Data and Analytics will address how the public sector can collect digital spatial data to inform planning and gain insight into infrastructure usage. By obtaining this critical data and providing it to both internal and external stakeholders, the government can increase the transparency of urban development decisions and facilitate stronger collaboration between the public and private sectors. Furthermore, citizens can access and utilize land and mobility information to inform their everyday decisions, driving better outcomes across housing, transport, environment, and development portfolios. 

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Key Takeaways:

Improve strategic planning capabilities by leveraging spatial data in decision making

Enhance the management, application and accessibility of spatial data to both internal and external stakeholders through digital spatial platforms

Collect critical data regarding infrastructure usage and private development to better inform asset management and logistics coordination

Facilitate collaboration between the private and public sectors by promoting transparency and making informed planning decisions

Event Speakers:

Janice Sharpe

Senior Director, Federal Geospatial Platform
Natural Resources Canada

John Houweling

Director, Data, Analytics and Visualization Services, Corporate Services
The Regional Municipality of York

James Ashton

Geomatics Manager
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Marianna Pellizari

Senior Open Data Specialist, Analytics & Innovation
Toronto Police Service

Meng Li

Manager GIS Platforms, GIS and CADD Services
City of Vancouver

Justin Miron

GIS & Data Specialist
The Regional Municipality of Durham

Jeff Lamb

Manager, Partnerships and Special Projects, Corporate Services
The Regional Municipality of York

Jocelynn Johnson

A/ Senior GIS Specialist, GIS Services Team, Information Technology and GIS Services
Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development

Dolapo Oladiran

GIS Analyst, Operations Coordination
Toronto Water

Gord Reynolds

Vice President of Commercial Advisory and Strategy
Infrastructure Ontario

Event Sponsors and Partners:

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Agenda Highlights:

12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT
Welcome from PSN
12:05pm ET / 9:05am PT
Opening Remarks from the Chair: Advancing the use of spatial data to promote transparency and accountability
12:20pm ET / 9:20am PT
Keynote Session: Supporting the Public Health Agency through Geo Technology Platforms
12:40pm ET / 9:40am PT
Partner Session: Tapping Into the Power of a GIS-Enabled Asset Management Platform
12:55pm ET / 9:55am PT
Government Case Study: Making Corporate Decisions using Geospatial Data and the Power of Location Intelligence
1:15pm ET / 10:15am PT
Government Case Study: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Case Study
1:35pm ET / 10:35am PT
Refreshment Break
1:40pm ET / 10:40am PT
Panel Session: Sharing Best Practices from Across the Public Sector
2:10pm ET / 12:10am PT
Closing Remarks from the Chair and End of Session


Complimentary to attend

Free for Public Sector only

Online event