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Virtual Event: Driving Efficiency through Hyperautomation - AU

Harnessing interoperable technologies to facilitate end-to-end automation

Wednesday, 14 April 2021
09:00 AM - 11:00 AM AEST

Agenda Overview:

Inefficient enterprise architecture can be a devastating hindrance on the productivity of an organisation. If automation processes are unable to be scaled to strategic goals and priorities, agencies face a range of obstacles in achieving end-to-end automation.

In recent years, the public sector has leveraged Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in automating internal functions. However this technology is notoriously complex to implement, with research showing that 30%-50% of RPA projects initially fail. But what if RPA was combined with other existing technologies to offset its downfalls? This is where hyperautomation can help. 

Public Sector Network’s Driving Efficiency through Hyperautomation will equip government professionals with strategies to develop existing digital tools, and in turn combine such technologies in agile hyperautomation systems.

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Key Takeaways:

Realise the benefits of hyperautomation in facilitating end-to-end automation to drive efficiency in your government context

Invest in the development of existing technologies to build strong and sustainable enterprise architecture

Upskill and redistribute an enabled workforce to complete higher value work instead of processing tasks that could be performed by various existing technologies 

Create flexible IT ecosystems that can easily support and integrate emerging technologies that may assist in driving efficiency in the future 

Your Expert Speakers:

Lacramiora Corches

Director General
Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection

Emma Dahms

Director, Digital Taxes
Revenue NSW

Paul Broderick

Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner of State Revenue
State Revenue Office Victoria

Glenn Archer

Partner, Federal Government
Public Sector Consulting

Dr Kate Harrington

Head of Strategic Digital Initiatives, Digital.NSW
NSW Department of Customer Service

James Galdes

Chief Enterprise Architect for SA
Department of Premier and Cabinet

Mike Khan

Executive Director, Business Management, Finance and Program Governance
Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Greg Eyre

Vice President, A/NZ
Blue Prism

Morten Jammer

Solution Consultant
Blue Prism

Darren Cockerell

Head of Solutions Consulting, Australia and New Zealand
Blue Prism

Cameron Aughterson

Executive Director Business Technology Services
State Revenue Office Victoria

Agenda Highlights:

9:00 AM AEST
Welcome from PSN
9:10 AM AEST
Chair Opening Realising the benefits of hyperautomation in the public sector
9:20 AM AEST
International Keynote Session Utilising hyperautomation to deliver urgent emergency assistance to citizens
9:35 AM AEST
Partner Session: The Fear of Failure to Launch: Hyperautomation
9:50 AM AEST
Government Case Study: Improving business processes to fund the future of NSW
10:05 AM AEST
Partner session Harnessing a hyperautomation platform tailored to your department’s priorities and existing infrastructure
10:20 AM AEST
Government Case Study Lessons learned: Agile technology responses to government initiatives during COVID
10:35 AM AEST
10:40 AM AEST
Panel Discussion Innovating ways of utilising existing infrastructure in hyperautomation
11:00 AM AEST
End of Session

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