Virtual Digital.NSW Series 2020

6 Part Webinar Series

12 August 2020 – 18 November 2020

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Series Overview

In the lead up to the Digital.NSW Showcase on the 24th November, the Department of Customer Service and Public Sector Network will be running a 6 part webinar series to focus on key areas aligned with the Beyond Digital strategy. The sessions will offer practical advice and insights into the topics and equip attendees with valuable learnings from across NSW Government.

Key Speakers


Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Hybrid Cloud & IT: Building the Modern Public Sector

Cloud computing is on the agenda for public sector organisations to drive efficiencies, enable mobility for in-field operations, and turbocharge digital culture transformation programs to improve citizen engagement and experience.

Agency personnel responsible for developing and implementing cloud-based solutions — for implementing data centre consolidation and other technology efficiencies — continue to look for opportunities to learn about the best technologies, configurations, service and deployment models, and the appropriate mix of cloud services — based on their government agency requirements.

The Digital.NSW Hybrid Cloud & IT virtual event, will review the variety of platforms and solutions available, highlight government success stories, and provide a roadmap of how those responsible for implementing cloud-based technologies can evaluate the options, choose the best solutions for their agency, and drive long-term benefits by working from the cloud.

Reasons to attend:

  • Evaluate options, solutions and opportunities of hybrid IT & cloud
  • Explore best practice strategies, how to overcome challenges, and lessons learned from your colleagues in the public sector 
  • Learn how to build a comprehensive roadmap for ICT transformation

Key Speakers

Mark Lenzner

Executive Director ICT / Digital Sourcing
Department of Customer Service

Farhoud Salimi

Executive Director, Service Delivery
eHealth NSW

Lisa Asquith

Director of Technology Platforms
Department of Customer Service

Richard Host

Group CIO
Transport for NSW

Simon Xistouris


Event Gold Partner

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Putting the Customer at the Centre: Innovating Services Models to Cater for Today’s Citizens

Customer centricity becomes increasingly important in times of uncertainty. The ability for the Public Sector to adapt and respond quickly to society’s changing needs is crucial at a time when habits and behaviours have been irreversibly changed, and where public trust is undoubtedly shaken.

Reforms aimed at improving service delivery have long been a focus in the Public Sector, and departments have certainly made significant progress in wrapping its services around its people through human-centred design and exploring emerging technologies.

However, with recent global events creating an increased reliance on digital services, coupled with the growing expectations of the digitally driven citizen, we are left wondering ‘what’s next’, in how departments are planning for the ‘future citizen experience’.

The Digital.NSW Virtual Putting the Customer at the Centre event will look at how we can innovate service models and design our services to meet the needs to todays Citizens. 

Reasons to attend:

  • What are the best tools and techniques to better engage our citizens?
  • Understand how to make better use of data to measure customer experience
  • Look at ways to gain a holistic customer perspective informed by data

Key Speakers

Sharni Allen

Director of Digital Government
Department of Customer Service

Mona Thind

Director of Strategy
eHealth NSW

Damon Rees

Chief Executive Officer
Service NSW

Felicity Cox

Executive Director, Customer Experience Unit
Department of Customer Service

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Cyber Security

Cyber security is critical in ensuring the NSW Government provides secure, trusted and resilient services. As the NSW Government continues its digital transformation – maintaining and enhancing our cyber security capabilities is paramount.

The Digital.NSW Cyber Security event aims to build stronger cyber resilience across the whole of government to support our economic growth, prosperity and efficiency. The session will look at how NSW Government has developed an integrated approach to preventing and responding to cyber security threats across NSW; safeguarding our information, assets, services and citizens.

Reasons to attend:

  • Stay abreast of latest approaches that underpin strengthened security postures in Government
  • Uncover practical tools and strategies to improve data protection within your government organisation, and externally too
  • Benchmark with your peers in the Public Sector

Key Speakers

Charlotte Wood

Acting Chief Cyber Security Officer, Cyber NSW
Department of Customer Service

Dr Peter Croll

Director, Information Security Services
eHealth NSW

Michael Cracroft

Chief Security and Technology Officer
Service NSW

Fred Thiele

Transport for NSW

John Karabin

Director of Cybersecurity
NTT Australia

Event Gold Partner

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Engaging and Using Data Insights

Data is the new currency of the technological economy, and while the use of data is nothing new, the last decade has seen the rise of new tools and techniques, as well as new sources and forms of data, that are changing the landscape for planning and innovation.

We know that all levels of government collect an increasing amount of data every day, with this data becoming a critical asset for insight-led decision making, however it can be difficult to organise, manage and extract actionable insights from these large, diverse data sets, and during emergency situations like the current COVID-19 crisis or the recent Australian Bushfires, a fast, informed response is imperative.

Efficient use of data is the missing link where true data insights can be leveraged to improve service delivery, national resiliency, and citizen outcomes. 

While data literacy, culture and data accuracy all pose challenges to glean actionable data insights, privacy concerns are often seen as the biggest challenge presented by the rise of data and analytics; meaning that government departments and agencies must consider the type and source of data being collected, stored, analysed, shared and consumed.

The Digital.NSW ‘Engaging and Using Data Insights Virtual Event will help government attendees understand their evolving technology landscape, and understand how best to use data analytics to manage and derive value from our increased dependence on data.

Reasons to attend:

  • A must attend event for public sector professionals looking to harness data and leverage insights in decision-making and service delivery
  • Learn how to extract data insights and develop a strong foundation for Machine Learning and AI
  • Explore best practice strategies, how to overcome challenges, and lessons learned from fellow public sector data leaders

Key Speakers

Simon Herbert

Executive Director, Data, Insights and Transformation
Department of Customer Service

Kate Carruthers

Chief Data Officer

Lachlan Rudd

Director, Data Analytics Portfolio
eHealth NSW

Sam Nielsen

Director, Workforce Analytics & Systems
Public Service Commission

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Digital Identity

In today’s increasingly digital world, there is growing expectation for citizens to have access to a secure digital identity. 

Traditionally, our identity systems have been largely based on physicality. However, with technology evolving at such a pace and many of the transactions that require ID are conducted digitally, Governments worldwide are looking for strong and trustworthy digital identity systems that are secure, reliable, and cost effective.

Such bold transformations bring about many opportunities, however, they also present many challenges. Addressing these questions early on will ensure Government departments are on track to keep up with the changes in the way we manage, share and express our identity.

The Digital.NSW Virtual Digital Identity event will equip attendees with a solid understanding of the challenges in and around digital identities and offer ideas and solutions as to how to tackle these moving forward.

Reasons to attend:

  • Examine the big issues that influence digital identity strategy and planning
  • Listen to experts share real life examples of identity progress across the Public Sector
  • Learn about secure data sharing between departments
  • Hear about innovation in identity across the Public Sector
  • Listen as people share about openness and transparency in their digital strategy to gain public confidence
  • Learn about Digital ID platforms & building on your identity management infrastructure

Key Speakers

Greg Wells

Deputy Secretary, Digital.NSW
Department of Customer Service

Damon Rees

Chief Executive Officer
Service NSW

Event Gold Partner

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Realising the Value of APIs in the Public Sector

Application Programming Interfaces, commonly referred to as APIs, are the cornerstone of modern applications, enabling core features of complex software to be extended and integrated in many different ways. The cloud computing era has driven increased use of APIs, as has the adoption of Big Data.

APIs are rapidly innovating and transforming the way that organisations can deliver services and improve customer experiences. In the public sector, these improvements manifest themselves in three key ways:

  • Citizen experience: By integrating APIs and going digital departments deliver more accessible and seamless citizen experiences.
  • Innovation & Efficiency: APIs enable governments and the wider industry to spur innovative business models and operate cost-effectively.
  • Data & Security: With security integrated as a core component of infrastructure, APIs ensure the secure exchange of data.

However as APIs have become pervasive, the complexity of managing APIs has grown. The Digital.NSW Virtual APIs in the Public Sector event, , has been carefully curated to give attendees a better understanding of the current API landscape, insight into the development of an API strategy, and management plan top tips, so that you can realise the true value of APIs in your organisation. organisation. management plan.

Reasons to attend:

  • Learn how to manage APIS to improve efficiency and reach
  • Understand how to manage API integration to avoid common pitfalls
  • Transform your product development speed
  • Be future-ready by making data available via your APIs
  • Provide public access to government data and improve partnerships with your citizens to help innovate services

Key Speakers

Andrew Perkins

Executive Director – Investment, Strategy and Architecture
eHealth NSW

Kendall Hockey

Director – Integration Services
eHealth NSW

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