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Virtual Event: Building Safer Cities

Building Safe, Smart, & Connected Cities

Thursday, May 13, 2021(Start: 12.00pm ET / 9.00am PT)

Agenda Overview:

2020 has laid bare many of the challenges faced by public safety leaders around the country. COVID-19 has caused major pressure on public safety, emergency services, municipalities, and so many other stakeholders – while the level of mistrust between police and communities of color is increasingly strained. Finding solutions to these challenges requires an ‘all-hands’ approach.

The Safer Cities virtual event will convene key civic safety-focused government stakeholders to explore strategies for ensuring that cities become safer over time – even with rapidly growing populations – through creating and maintaining more resilient urban environments, preventing and mitigating emergencies, and promoting public safety through sound policing.

This Public Sector Network’s Safer Cities virtual event will look at relevant strategies for improved and robust public safety, including lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to address societal injustice in order to ensure safety and security for all.

Key Takeaways:

Explore the most innovative strategies for crime prevention, emergency, and disaster response

Discuss innovative policies designed to reconcile police with communities of color

Examine lessons learned from recent protests around the country

Learn about crisis management, planning, and coordinating a collaborative emergency response to improve speed and resilience in times of crisis

Understand how others are reducing risk and more effectively protecting citizens by engaging with them in their livelihoods, health, cultural heritage, and socio-economic interests

Learn about the latest technological innovations supporting the safety of cities

Event Speakers:

Amy Hess

Chief of Public Safety
Louisville Metro Government (KY)

Elisa T. Young, Esq.

Director, Equity and Policy
City of Seattle (WA)

Mark P. Smith, Inspector General - Office of the Inspector General, Los Angeles Police Commission (CA)

Mark P. Smith

Inspector General - Office of the Inspector General
Los Angeles Police Commission (CA)

Yael Bar Tur

Yael Bar Tur

Founder, Yael Bar Tur Consulting & Former-Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy, NYPD

Francisco Ramirez

Managing Solution Architect
Red Hat

Carol P. Parks

Assistant General Manager
Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

Kirk Lonbom

Director of Strategy and Business Development, Public Safety and Justice, US State and Local Government

Agenda Highlights:

12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT
Welcome from PSN
12:05pm ET / 9:05am PT
Chair Opening: Refining your Approach to Public Safety Post-COVID
12:20pm ET / 9:20am PT
Government Keynote Session: Balancing Act: Police Reform, Public Safety & Morale
12:35pm ET / 9:35am PT
Government Case Study: Building Bridges to Achieve Resilience: Mitigating the Risks facing Los Angeles
12:50pm ET / 9:50am PT
Partner Session: Cities on the Edge
1:05pm ET / 10.05am PT
Government Case Study: A Differing Approach to Policing: Building Strong Relationships Between Police and Communities of Color Through Police Oversight
1:20pm ET / 10:20am PT
Refreshment Break
1:25pm ET / 10:25am PT
Partner Session: Cyber Safety: Taking a Preventative Approach To Policing Cyber- Crime
1:40pm ET / 10:40am PT
Government Fireside Chat: Operationalizing Equity: Leveraging a Racial Equity Tool Kit to Drive Programs & Policies
2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT
Panel Session: Supporting a Comprehensive Public Safety Strategy with a Integrated Communication Strategy through Social Media & Beyond
2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT
Closing Remarks and End of Session

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